Úna Quigley (*1974, Ireland)


2018, Ireland and Germany, 8:40 min.
English; no subtitles

Performers: Sheena McGrandles and Loz Fitzgibbon
Music: Loz Fitzgibbon
Choreography: Sheena McGrandles

VAFT screening: Relationships Thu 23.5. ◷ 18-20 @ Kino Diana

This work is based on Act 1, Scenes 1 - 4 of “The Mammaries of Tiresias”, a play written by Guillaume Apollinaire in 1903 and first performed in 1917. Apollinaire coined the term surrealist to describe his drama and the first words of his play  were “I am a feminist”. It is about a housewife who develops psychic powers to change her body.

Birds of my weakness” (a phrase Apollinaire used to describe female breasts), re-imagines Apollinaire’s character in a contemporary context and uses the influences of poststructural feminist writers on a rewriting of the words. It is a chamber piece and an absurd melodrama.

Choreographed by dancer Sheena McGrandles, the film uses strategies of subversion, humour and corporeal expression.

Born in Dublin, Úna Quigley graduated from Crawford College of Art Cork and Winchester School of Art, Spain and U.K. in 2001 with an MA in European Fine Art. She has since exhibited widely such as at the Kassel Film Festival, the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, Centrum Berlin, Lewis Glucksman Gallery Ireland, and Crawford Gallery Ireland.


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