Mattias Bäcklin (*1969, Sweden)


2018; Sweden; 4:03 min
No dialogue

VAFT screening: Relationships Thu 23.5. ◷ 18-20 @ Kino Diana

The movie Exoville takes place in a ruin city where stagbeetles wake up after spending time in the underworld. The insects are the result of a complex development process, in which they are the most costly stage of their life cycle in their powerful body health. The echoes are the result of a ruthless hunger where they in the larva stage can eat a whole stump, then plunged into the underworld where they undergo five years of transformation in which an evolutionary soup reorganizes itself into ready-made insects.

By means of various techniques the artist have used his fixation and knowledge of horror, urban ecology, primevalforest, insects and traditional craft to create a mythology around the relationship between culture and nature.

The sound of the movie, is Jupiter's planetary sparks in the universe, a recording of NASA made with specially designed instruments from a space robot capable of recording electromagnetic vibrations inaudible to the human ear.


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