Marin Martinie (*1994, France)


2018; France; 10:49 min
English; no subtitles
Music Gustave Carpene; Voice: Robert Bennett

@ Turku Main Library 22.-26.5. ◷ 22:30-04 & @ Turku Main Library Department of Music during the opening hours

What is exactly the fundamental tension between still picture and moving picture? If the picture framework is what contains living
shapes, what if the framework itself metamorphoses? Pictures are somehow informations: they converge, get ordered and eventually become unreadable. Nevertheless, through a chaos made of both visual and textual signs, some sort of infinite drawing pleasure remains...

Marin Martinie is an illustrator, comic artist and animation filmmaker. He graduated from EnsAD art school in Paris in 2018. His approach consists in deconstructing both visual and narrative structures in the animation and comics fields. His work has been exhibited in France and Germany. Martinie currently lives and works in Paris.


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