Mariangela Pluchino (*1991, Costa Rica / Finland)

Galatée à l'infini / Infinite Galatea (2017) Spain 17:00

French, English Subtitles

Co-directed with Julia Maura, Mariangela Pluchino, Ambra Reijnen, Maria Chatzi and Fátima Flores

Pygmalion, disappointed of the women of his time, decides to create an immaculate woman with his own hands. He models his creation at the height of his expectations and level: she should be able to satisfy his pleasures and provide his kingdom with workforce.

Galatée à l'infini is a visual essay about the body as a socially constructed discourse throughout gynecology, a science serving itself of an ideological scalpel to mould gender, sexuality and desire.

Mariangela Pluchino works in video, photography and visual arts. Born in Venezuela, she grows up in Costa Rica and is currently based in Finland. She graduated in Psychology and is pursuing non-fiction filmmaking while questioning the practice of social sciences for the purpose of establishing dialogues with other disciplines.


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