Leila Ziu (*1991, United Kingdom)


2018, England, UK, 04:18 min.
No dialogue

Performance by Maëva Berthelot and Leila Ziu
Circuit screensaver written by Ben Buxton
Music by Pearson Sound
Edited by Leila Ziu

VAFT screening: Transitions Sun 26.5. ◷ 16-18 @ Kino Diana

Taking place within a computer simulated universe, the video for Pearson Sound’s Earwig is a performance of characters from cyber-workers to fashionistas and hazmat protectors all played by Maëva Berthelot and Leila Ziu.

Leila Ziu’s directional debut is a celebration of the human in a technology focussed world.

Leila Ziu is a British-Libyan-Spanish artist film-maker who often stages herself within her work as an active participant. Her work tends to take a humorous absurdist approach, in a quest to try and find meaning in the ordinary and escape the dehumanising forces of post-modern society.


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