Katariina Pietiläinen (*1992, Finland)

The Bigger Shave (2018) Finland 04:21


In 1967 Martin Scorsese made a short film called The Big Shave in which he criticized the Vietnam War. This quiet, masculine and minimalistic film has become a short film classic.

In The Bigger Shave the same critical gaze is brought to this day and directed to the never ending battle of beauty, control and normality. This presetation of daily rituals moves at the boundaries of magical realism and documentary.

The Bigger Shave was made at Kino Kabaret workshop in Helsinki in the summer of 2018. It was Katariina's first experience of the Kino-movement. Samuel C. Karppinen lent his camera and talent for making an ordinary bathroom look like a shrine. The main role was played by Vishnu, who brought the idea to life with amazing body work.

Katariina Pietiläinen is a Helsinki based video artisan. She makes videos, because she can't find sense in anything else. Vishnu Vardhani RAJAN is a body-philosopher.




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