Hana Mahmoud (*1994, Egypt)

ZAY EL SHAMS - Like The Sun

2018, Egypt, 23 min.
Arabic, English; subtitles in Arabic & English

VAFT screening: Relationships Thu 23.5. ◷ 18-20 @ Kino Diana

I will be gone, and you’ll never see me again ” and with those words my mentor disappeared without a trace. Yet I, his youngest student, could not stop searching for him for three full years.

Hana Mahmoud is an Egyptian filmmaker. She studied cinema in the American University in Cairo where she independently made 17 short films most of which are cross genre. After graduating with a bachelor of arts in film, Hana started working in the directing team of big production films (Diamond Dust, 2018). Zay el Shams is her latest work.

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