DocTurku <3 VAFT: experimental documentaries!


The fourth edition of Video Art Festival Turku – VAFT is taking place soon! DocTurku wants to celebrate this with the annual pre-festival screening in collaboration with VAFT.

DocTurku and VAFT, together with Miuy Distribution proudly present four experimental documentary short films. The event takes place in Bar Ö (Linnankatu 7, Turku) on April 17th, screening starts at 7:30 PM. The program is  57 min.

The documentary-like video art challenges the boundaries of the definition of documentary film and broadens our view of reality. The chosen works show a balance between art and documentary, human and nature and observation and imagination.

DocTurku is an organization that promotes documentary film in Turku and is the driving force behind the Doc Lounge Turku screenings every month.

VAFT takes place in Turku on 22-26th of May 2019.  

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