Transeuropa Open Turku: Cha(lle)nging the Other -festival

Next Saturday on 21st of October VAFT is collaborating with Transeuropa Open Turku: Cha(lle)nging the Other -festival. The event manifests ‘the Other’ in the context of contemporary Europe by using different community art tools.


VAFT screens two video pieces dealing with the experiences of 21st-century refugees. Screening will take place at TUAS Arts Academy’s Kuvateatteri at 5 PM ( Linnankatu 54-60, 1st floor.)

Art works:

LEANDRO MUNIZ BARRETO and LIGIA RAMOS: C[h]amp de réfugiés (Refugee Camp) (2016)

“Images of Syrian refugees trying to escape the civil war in their country are projected on the streets of Paris at night.”

SAEED NAGHAVIAN: Refugee Camp (2016)
“Immigration? Yes or no?
In Search of a better life...
Is there another way? Please wait...
*** In this innovative low-tech film, the complicated issue of refugees is made simple. An exploration of war, immigration, and humanity. ***.”

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