VAFT 17th - 21st of May 2017

Free entry to all events!


11 AM - 7 PM
VAFT 2017 -exhibition
Warehouses of the Old Great Square, Luostarin välikatu, Turku

Artists: Pasi Autio, Natalia Behaine, Alessandro G. Capuzzi & Emanuele Dainotti, Harold Charre, Daniel Djamo, Anna Gates, Lilli Haapala, Hinni Huttunen & Jemina Lindholm, Alex Ingersoll, Alexander Isaenko, Luís Lopes, Sanna-Liisa Siik & Lydia Toivanen, Siegmund Skalar and Matti Sumari.

The following pieces will be screened according to a schedule four times a day: Flicker (Siegmund Skalar, 2016), Savagery (Harold Charre, 2015), Vestal Fire (Alex Ingersoll, 2016) sekä The State is a Lady (Anna Gates, 2016). Screenings every day at noon, 2, 4 and 6 PM.

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3 - 4 PM
B-galleria, Aninkaistenkatu 5, Turku


  • Lerato Shadi - MATSOGO (2013)  05:00
  • Vivian Chinasa Ezugha - MAASIA MORE THAN MAN MORE THAN COLOUR (2016) 05:05
  • Euridice Kala - UNLIKE OTHER SANTANAS (2014) 07:58
  • Chris Saint Martin - CARRERA (2016) 05:16
  • Tabita Rezaire - SORRY FOR REAL (2015) 16:58

Total 45 min.

VIDEONOMAD is an independent and nonprofit project dedicated to video art. It aims to provide a platform for video artists from Africa and its diaspora, as well as artists with African ancestors located anywhere in the world. Since 2013, VIDEONOMAD organizes an itinerant video art screenings in collaboration with art festivals, biennales, and on public and alternatives spaces. Their fundamental objectives are to establish a dynamic synergy of video artists from across the African continent and its diaspora that enriches the global art scene, and well as to stimulate a discussion around video art as an art medium in Africa. They also aim to reach a new audience for video art by conducting projections in public and alternative spaces, to create an active and enduring transboundary space and to build an enduring collaboration between artists and institutions and to organize workshops for knowledge exchanging.

The curator Tobi Ayedadjou is present at the screening.

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4 - 5 PM
B-galleria, Aninkaistenkatu 5, Turku

VAFT reaches its climax with an ARTIST TALK, where artists from different countries come together to talk about making video art and the position of being an artist in their own country. Visiting curators Tobi Ayedadjou and Clemens Wilhelm will take part, as well as artists from the VAFT 2017 international exhibition. The discussion will happen in English and will be lead by Turku Animated Film Festival’s director Kimmo Sillanmikko.

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7 - 8 PM
VAFT <3 TAFF -screening
Warehouses of the Old Great Square, Luostarin välikatu, Turku

Screening of the short film made in the moving animation workshop.