VAFT 17th - 21st of May 2017

Free entry to all events!


11 AM - 7 PM
VAFT 2017 -exhibition
Warehouses of the Old Great Square, Luostarin välikatu, Turku

Artists: Pasi Autio, Natalia Behaine, Alessandro G. Capuzzi & Emanuele Dainotti, Harold Charre, Daniel Djamo, Anna Gates, Lilli Haapala, Hinni Huttunen & Jemina Lindholm, Alex Ingersoll, Alexander Isaenko, Luís Lopes, Sanna-Liisa Siik & Lydia Toivanen, Siegmund Skalar and Matti Sumari.

The following pieces will be screened according to a schedule four times a day: Flicker (Siegmund Skalar, 2016), Savagery (Harold Charre, 2015), Vestal Fire (Alex Ingersoll, 2016) sekä The State is a Lady (Anna Gates, 2016). Screenings every day at noon, 2, 4 and 6 PM.

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12 - 5 PM
VAFT´s vegan Restaurant Day
Warehouses of the Old Great Square (Luostarin välikatu, Turku)

VAFT will not only feed your hunger for video art, but also your craving for noodles! Restaurant Day is here again on Saturday the 20th of May, and VAFT naturally takes part.

All the dishes will be made with Palmusto's delicious chick pea noodles. The menu will be updated in the Facebook event soon.

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3 - 5 PM
B-galleria, Aninkaistenkatu 5, Turku

History seems to be speeding up lately. Not a week seems to pass without a new crisis. Is history really repeating itself? Is there something to be learned from the past, or are we bound to repeat it no matter what?

This program combines conservationists of the Auschwitz concentration camp, a dystopian school lesson for future children, the life-story of a dog in World War 2, an artist in the middle of the Maidan protests in Kiev, a round of crying investment bankers after the crash, and a father feeding his sons cheap pastry while reasoning with his leftist beliefs. Does the big wheel keep on turning?


  • Jan Sobotka NACH AUSCHWITZ 20 min
  • John Butler CHILDREN OF THE NULL 5 min
  • Clemens Wilhelm KIKI THE WAR DOG 23min
  • -- break --
  • Julian Öffler KIEV 20 min
  • Julia Charlotte Richter PROMISED LAND 11 min

TOTAL 92 min

GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE is a traveling video festival initiated by the video artist Clemens Wilhelm (Berlin) in 2011. GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE presents a selection of international video artists whose work reflects the issues of the globalized generation. GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE does not present videos on a specific theme, but shows a collage image of the subconscious of the present. In every screening location a new program constellation is shown.

A proverb tells us that "the grass is always greener on the other side", reminding us that distant locations always appear greater than they are when seen from afar. But where is this other side in the 21st century? When traveling physically, one often cannot escape the feeling that places are becoming more similar, more commodified, more corporate-ruled. The omnipresent digital medium video travels via internet around the globe and stimulates international dialogue across borders like no other visual art medium at the moment. A new generation of video artists speaks up.

GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE is non-profit and artist-run, made possible by the generous support of the featured artists and the hosting institutions. The curator Clemens Wilhelm is present at the screening.

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8 PM - 00 AM
Book Café, Vanha Suurtori 3, Turku


Video Art Festival Turku makes a comeback to this dear and familiar spot of DIY culture. Live music and film screening taking place with terrace, summer and beverages! Maybe take your granny with you and an extra jumper!


21.00 Fabulous Alaska

22.00 Milja Inkeri

23.00 Screening: Fucked up in a bad way, Sorbus, 2016, 34 minutes.


Doors at 20.00.



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Fabulous Alaska
"ABBA and Manowar had a fight. ABBA won. Fabulous Alaska! – Cruise pop for your elevator journeys. Background music for the spa weekend." Turkuan band plays lazy attacks of stripped down pop with outlaw influences.

Akseli Hannula: drums
Henrikki Jokela: guitar
Anna Peltomäki: vox & keys
Juha Pursiainen: bass




Milja Inkeri is an independent experimental synth-pop artist from Turku. Her debut album was released in 2015, and her singles "Song to Comfort Us" and "Sapphire Blue Eyes" have been played on radio stations world wide.




Fucked up in a bad way is a short film by Sorbus collective

Duration: 34 minutes

"Start-up entrepreneurs, death of punk, world pain, gentrification of souls, alternative culture appropriated by the mainstream. So no one told you life was gonna be this way."

Sorbus collective is formed by artists Otto Byström, Henna Hyvärinen, Jonna Karanka, Sakari Tervo, and Tuomo Tuovinen who also run Sorbus art space in Helsinki, operating since 2013. In 2015 Sorbus collective exhibited at Titanik Gallery, and did a two day performance piece at H2Ö festival, both in Turku. In 2016 Sorbus has also been presented at SIC space in Helsinki, the Antwerp Art Weekend, Manifesta 11 biennial’s performance program in Zürich and at Jupiter Woods art space in London.