VAFT 17th - 21st of May 2017

Free entry to all events!


6 - 9 PM
VAFT 2017 -exhibition opening
Warehouses of the Old Great Square (Luostarin välikatu, Turku)


6 PM Opening speech

7 PM Screening

8 PM Live: "Uroboro" by quietSpeaker



After party at Bar Ö (Linnankatu 7). Live: Hayden Prosser. DJ Utopos. K-18.



Audio-visual performance, for two tabletop feedback-driven electric guitars and live electronics.

“Uroboro” (2016) is an audio-visual performance where the material of both audio and video comes from the perpetual mechanical excitation of the strings of two augmented table-top electric guitars equipped with vibration speakers and set in self oscillation.

From a sonic point of view, the piece explores the possibility of modifying the resonating behaviour of strings inside a feedback loop, and at the same time researches strategies to perform and improvise with it. By preparing and manipulating the guitar's strings, or by varying their length, or again by filtering and modulating the signal feeding back to the vibration speakers, the performer is able to manipulate the loop, allowing for an intuitive exploratory performativity.