VAFT 17th - 21st of May 2017

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Alessandro G. Capuzzi & Emanuele Dainotti

Alessandro G. Capuzzi (b.1986, Milan) and Emanuele Dainotti (b.1987, Milan) are two Italian filmmakers. Their films have been screened in festivals and expositions in Italy, Spain, UK, Switzerland, Greece, Finland, USA, Colombia and Japan.

Alex Ingersoll
Vestal Fire, 2016


Alex Ingersoll (b.1984) is an Assistant Professor of Media Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Much of his work explores the aesthetic and sonic environments of our social imaginations of space and the tension among neglected and marginalized ideas and machines. Using experimental and animated approaches to the moving image, he is interested in the productive possibilities that come from our experiences and encounters that have undefined edges and features. His work has been featured in venues and festivals in the U.S. and abroad, including the Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, Currents International New Media Festival in Santa Fe, the Strange Beauty Film Festival in Durham N.C. and the Alchemy Film Festival in Hawick, Scotland. Ingersoll lives and works in Stevens Point, USA.

Alexander Isaenko
Memorial, 2016
Anna Gates
The State is a Lady, 2016

Contributing artists: Elke Hennen and Ines Wuttke


New Zealander Anna Gates (b. 1984) directed and produced The State is a Lady during her master’s in Germany. Her artwork has always swayed towards politics, earning her a place in the New Zealand Digital Art Awards at just 20 years of age. Her interactive art has been shown at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image and elsewhere in Germany and Australasia. The State is a Lady is her first festival short as a director.

Daniel Djamo
Territorial marking, 2015

Daniel Djamo (b.1987, Bucharest) is a young Romanian artist and film director, interested in personal and group histories and stories and in themes such as the national identity. He combines film with video art and installation with photography in order to evoke the past and to underline “the now.”  His videos have been screened in numerous video art and film festivals, while also winning several awards for his artworks in the competitions. Currently, Djamo is a PhD candidate in the third year of research at Bucharest National University of Arts.

Harold Charre
Savagery, 2015


Harold Charre (b.1980, France) has been a jazz pianist for 15 years, following musical training at the Conservatoire de Lyon and Paris. He studied Theology and rapidly turned to the self-taught making of films/videos and installations in which his passions for the moving image, music and the mysteries of mythology may express themselves. Charre is currently based in Le Pré-Saint-Gervais, France.


Hinni Huttunen & Jemina Lindholm
Resistance (2016)

Hinni Huttunen (b.1990, Pieksämäki) and Jemina Lindholm (b.1991, Loimaa) are two Finnish visual artists working together with moving image and installation. The working pair is interested in internet, feminism, scheduling and selfies. Huttunen and Lindholm have been working together since 2010. They are both founding members of Tampere Kunsthalle and active members of Rajataide Association. Huttunen is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden and Lindholm in Helsinki, Finland.

Lilli Haapala
Beyond, 2016

Lilli Haapala (b.1984) is a Turku-based artist who works with installations and mixed media. Through her works Haapala ponders human relationship with nature that surrounds us. Her works often typifies the interfaces between different realities. Haapala has graduated from the Turku University of Applied Sciences of Turku Arts Academy (2015) as a visual artist and she is currently undertaking her Fine arts Master´s studies in Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts (Time and Space Arts department). Haapala is a member of the Photographic Centre Peri, Kuvankantajat and the Finnish Bioart Society.

Luís Lopes
Meta-Semioptika, 2016


Luís Lopes (b.1982)

Filmmaker, born in 1982 at Porto, Portugal. Finished a 5 year degree course on Sound and Image at the UCP's School of Arts, Porto, Portugal, in 2006, specializing in Sound for Cinema.

Sound designed for Radio, Theatre, Cinema and Experimental Audio Installations.

Member/founder of  visual collectives Leitmotif, Ikix and Synkronos making mainly VJing and Video Art/Installations.

Develops his work around Documentary, Experimental and Videoart.

Meta-Semioptika is his first film.

Matti Sumari
Cementa & Toyota – A Fable of Two Sisters, 2016


Matti Sumari (b.1987)

“I work using video, sculpture and installation, concentrating on poetic interrogations of our terms of use regarding the public space and the Res nullius: right to utilize ungoverned goods. Through picking up my materials from the flow of waste materials and leftovers from the metabolism of a city, I engage in a relationship with my surroundings. This relation can best be described as commensalism, which in ecology is a relationship between two organisms where one benefits from the other without damaging it. I see my works as distilling instruments. These distilling and mutating processes are placed in action in order to see what kind of relationship we have to each other and the world we’ve made for ourselves.”


Matti Sumari is a Finnish visual artist who is currently based in Malmö, Sweden. 

Natalia Behaine
José, 2015


Natalia Behaine (b.1981) is a Colombian artist whose works have been featured in numerous galleries, museums and festivals in South America and Europe. Behaine has studied Social Communication (with emphasis on Audiovisual Production), Photography and Literature. In her art Behaine often explores the changing character of time. Behaine was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. She lived in Bogotá for 17 years but recently moved to France.

Pasi Autio
Aarne´s window, 2016


Visual artist Pasi Autio (b.1974, Vaasa) is interested in the interaction between human mind, body, and the surrounding reality. He is also attracted to everyday things, seemingly self-evident but at the same time complex events like taking a single step. Autio uses video and sound to work with his themes. He creates pieces with their own inner world and logic. The dialogue between visual and audio play a pivotal role in his minimalistic and epitomised style, that often addresses large themes through small details.Autio graduated in 2007 from the University of Arts and Design, where he studied photography. His works have been displayed in several private and group exhibitions since 2000. Autio is currently based in Helsinki, Finland.

Siegmund Skalar
Flicker, 2016


Siegmund Skalar (b.1986) works with photography and film. He is interested in trying to bend filmic reality and question the conventions of cinematic narration. His works are meticulously staged and often rely on professionals, actors and a detailed screenplay. Skalar is currently based in Vienna, Austria, and has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.


#2 (From the series “We Shoot Footage”), 2017

suominen/toivanen is a Turku-based sans contrefaçon video collective. Classmates who found each other lost (during a video course spring 2016).