Festival week starts today!

Video Art Festival Turku opens today with a bang and continues till the end of the week. You can check the full programme here.

VAFT 2017 exhibition is open 11 AM - 7 PM every day from Thursday till Sunday at the Warehouses of the Old Great Square (Luostarin välikatu, Turku).

The following pieces will be screened according to a schedule four times a day: Flicker (Siegmund Skalar, 2016), Savagery (Harold Charre, 2015), Vestal Fire (Alex Ingersoll, 2016) sekä The State is a Lady (Anna Gates, 2016). Screenings every day at noon, 2, 4 and 6 PM. Total duration of the screening 45 minutes.

The following pieces will be shown sequentially and they are looping daylong: Resistance (Hinni Huttunen & Jemina Lindholm, 2016), Territorial marking (Daniel Djamo, 2015), Memorial (Alexander Isaenko, 2016), Meta-Semioptika (Luís Lopes, 2016) and SANTA TERESA (Alessandro G. Capuzzi & Emanuele Dainotti, 2016). Total duration of the loop 67 minutes.

Works Cementa & Toyota – A Fable of Two Sisters (Matti Sumari, 2016), Beyond (Lilli Haapala, 2016), #2 (suominen/toivanen, 2017), Aarne´s window (Pasi Autio, 2016) and José (Natalia Behaine, 2015) are on display all day long, so you can visit the exhibition at any time.

See you at the festival!