Vdeo Art Festival Turku (VAFT) will be held again in 23-27 May 2018. We are looking for video art works to be shown in different locations around Turku. For VAFT video art means all kinds of content in the form of moving images. That is why we do not set limitations for submissions. In VAFT 2018 your artwork can be e.g. a looping gif, a documentary short film or a video installation projected on the wall of a building. We hope to receive a wide range of border breaking artworks that will expand people’s understanding of what video art can be in its most interesting forms.

VAFT warmly welcomes video artists from around the world to join the festival: entry is open for everyone, regardless of artistic education or merits. What counts is the artistic value of the artwork itself. If you think your artwork is good, send it!

The juror for VAFT 2018 is filmmaker and visual artist Mika Taanila. A pre-selection of the entries will be made by the board of Ääriö ry, the association behind the festival.

VAFT reserves the right to invite artists into the exhibition without application.



  • You can only submit one (1) work. 
  • The artwork can be single- or multi-channeled. There is no limit for form, genre or duration. 
  • If your artwork is in a language other than Finnish or English, it needs to be subtitled in Finnish or English. 
  • Please submit your work via email. Instead of attaching your work directly, include a preview link to the file (cloud sharing service, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.). Make sure that the link is valid until the end of year 2017. 
  • Please fill out the enclosed submission form. Download the file to your computer before filling it and title it with your name. You can fill the form in English or Finnish.
  • Please include the following in your application email: a link to your work, the completed application form and 1–2 stills from the work (jpg). 
  • Send the application email to entry[at]videoartfestivalturku.com by the 17th of November 2017.
  • Please title your email with ENTRY + NAME OF THE ARTIST.
  • The artist must hold full copyright to the work or have an agreement with all copyright holders to present the work at the festival. The artists retain all rights to their work. Ääriö ry only has the right to present the work at the Video Art Festival Turku on the 23rd to 27th of May 2018, unless agreed otherwise.
  • No entry fee is required. Travel costs for artists will not be covered by VAFT. 
You will receive an email confirming your submission. The artists selected for the festival will be notified of acceptance via email by the end of March 2018. Please contact the organizers of the festival, the Ääriö ry board at info[at]videoartfestivalturku.com with any questions.

We do a lot of collaboration within the field in Turku. We might contact you in case interesting opportunities and projects arise outside of VAFT.