DocTurku x VAFT @ Bar Ö on May 3th

DocTurku wants to celebrate the collaboration with VAFT by screening three experimental documentary short films that were submitted for this edition of VAFT. The event takes place in Bar Ö (Linnankatu 7, Turku) on May 3rd at 7:30 PM. Free entry!

The documentary-like video art challenges the boundaries of the definition of documentary film and broadens our view of reality. The chosen works show a balance between art and documentary, human and nature and observation and imagination.

DocTurku is an organization that promotes documentary film in Turku and is the driving force behind the Doc Lounge Turku screenings every month.


Hiroya Sakurai - The Stream VI (2015, Japan) 6:52
This work is a ballet using the sound and the movement of the algae and water.

Shingo Yoshida - The end of day and beginning of the world (2015, Siberia/Russia) 22:00
This project at the Russian Far East, namely the Siberian regions of Chukotka and Beringia, was inspired by local raven folk tales. The "Chukchi" people showed us "Yaranga", their tents out of the cities. On our way we saw Eskimos ancient housing made of whalebones.

Igor Notte - No Guess (2015, Finland) 6:11
Citizens of Tampere live in symbiosis with their waters. Every season reveals a different relationship between man and nature.