Artor Jesus Inkerö (*1989, Finland)


2017, Finland, 7 min.
Finnish; English subtitles

VAFT screening: Transitions Sun 26.5. ◷ 16-18 @ Kino Diana

In Swole Inkerö continues to document his commitment to an intensive and transformative gym and diet regimen, as well as the communities that form around such activities, sustaining themselves through texting and sharing videos and photos on social media. He learns the vocabulary of the new community.

Artor Jesus Inkerö is a HKI/AMS-based artist working in moving image and photography. Inkerö's ongoing 'holistic bodily project' attempts to transform their image into the most generic version of contemporary masculinity. Through the appropriation of masculine-coded attributes Inkerö's practice engages with questions of control, power, safety and privilege.


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